Microscope a epi fluorescence HS-XYL_403-Y

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microscope inversé a fluorescence 403-Y

Références du Microscope a epi fluorescence HS-XYL_403-Y

Ref. XP-HYL-403-Y
Titre/Title: Microscope a epi fluorescence –
Specificité: tete trinoculaire / inversé
illumination: Epi illumination
Garantie: 2 ans
Quantité disponible/Available amount – 1

Specifications du Microscope a epi fluorescence HS-XYL_403-Y

Viewing Head: Compensation Free Trinocular Head, Inclined 45°50mm-75mm
Eyepiece: WF10×/22mm,
Objective: Long working distance plan achromatic objectives: 4×10×(phase contrast), 20×(phase contrast)40×s
Stage: Double layer mechanical stage, Stage Size: 242mm×172mm Central stage: Φ110mm, Moving Range: 75mm×40mm,
Filter: N.A.0.3 Abbe Condenser with iris diaphragm, Working Distance:75mm
Light Source: Transmission Illumination: Halogen Bulb 12V/30W, Adjustable Brightness, Epi-Fluorescent lllumination:220V(110V) Ultra-high pressure Mercury, Lamp100W/DC. Digital display mercury lamp constant power
Focusing: Coaxial coarse&fine focusing adjustment with rack and pinion mechanism Fine focusing scale Value 0.002mm,
Fluorescence attachment: B G Wave band,
Optional Accessory: 1.3Mega2.0 Mega3.0 Mega5.0 Megapixels CMOS Digital camera eyepiece, Objective:40×phase contrast, UV Wave band, Photography attachment and CCD Adapter0.5×0.57×0.75×

Microscope a epi fluorescence HS-XYL_403-Y
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